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To order items email us at <avocadooils(at sign)> with your phone number and your order.
We will phone you and  and take your credit card number over the phone.
This will eliminate any security risks of sending personal information over the internet.
Due to the relative high shipping costs -- you may want to consoladate your order with  friends, family, & neighbors.

                                                                                 Marty Lightner, Proprietor



Attention Arizona Residents and Visitors

  These products are available at various outdoor Farmers Markets
 in and around Phoenix, Arizona

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Index of items available:
Avocado Oil
Infused Flavored Avocado Oils
                      Health Benefits
        Sugar Softies
        Order Information

  Avocado Oil - 100% Pure



Avocado Oil 

Better for you than Olive Oil

Recomended by Mayo, Barrow, & Dr Oz as a heart healthy oil

It's BIGGEST advantage is a 490+ degree smoke point

The highest smoke point of any vegetable cooking oil

Two year shelf life and KMD certified Kosher

For an indepth presentation of Avocado Oil and how it is made

Please visit the manufacture's website

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  250ml  (8.4oz)     $11.00 500 ml  (16.8oz)  $15.00 750 ml  (25.3 oz) $18.00 1 liter  (33.8 oz) $22.00

       Infused Flavored Avocado Oils 

            New Avocado Infused Oils have arrived.
 Avocado Oil brings new options to your table...
Now you can enjoy the homemade flavor and delicious taste of onion;
 prepare your fish or seafood with the essence of lime.
 or what about a spicy taste of chipotle to your sauces?
And we added garlic as a perfect complement for your vinaigrettes and salads.

Avocado oil infused with onion is a wonderful addition to your favorite dishes. Savory onion flavor without the tears was never more convenient.

Infused Onion
250 ml bottle

The light and buttery texture of  avocado oil is infused with the essence of garlic. The perfect compliment to your favorite pastas, soups and salads

Infused Garlic
250 ml bottle
500 ml bottle

A savory blend of  avocado oil infused with chipotle. A lively “South of the Border” compliment to your favorite Mexican dish.

Infused Chipolte
250 ml bottle

The light and delicate flavor of  avocado oil with the flavorful essence of lime is the perfect zesty addition to your favorite salads, fish and seafood dishes.

Infused Lime
250 ml bottle

 Avocado Oil Health Benefits               

        Examine all the health benefits of using avocado oil in your cooking

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Sugar Softies (in terracotta)-Keeps Brown Sugar Soft 

Softens Hard Brown Sugar, and keeps it soft.
Never throw sugar away again. 
Also keeps cookies moist. Keeps dried fruits,
Parmesan cheese, and shredded coconut soft. 
Keeps breads, popcorn, and even cigars fresh.
Handmade terra-cotta disks.
Measures 2.5" X 2.5" X .4" Includes instructions for use. Kokopelli Bear Lizard
Sugar Softies  $3.99 each,  3 or more, for $2.99 each

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Order Information 

Shipments are made from Scottsdale, Arizona via United Parcel Service
Sales tax of 1.65% will be added to orders for food items shipped to Arizona addresses.
Sales tax of 6.95% will be added to orders for non-food items shipped to Arizona addresses.
Shipping charges are UPS ground service plus $2.00 handling charge.
Faster UPS delivery services are available at additional charges.